Is Dog Arthritis Preventable?

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They say that dog is man's best friend. As with any friend, it is sad to see them in pain and discomfort. And if you have had or have a dog with arthritis, then the question "Is dog arthritis preventable?" is understandable. The answer is "Yes...and no." Yes, in that there are measures that can be taken to prevent the onset of dog arthritis. No, in that it depends on the particular breed and physical circumstances. You should consult your veterinarian regarding your specific breed of dog. Also, old age, acute injury, and overuse can foster arthritis in your dog's joints causing stiffness and pain regardless of breed. Preventative measures are a key necessity.

Food, shelter, and love are base ingredients to caring for your dog. Your only concerns could be providing a healthy diet, enough room to run around, and loving affection for your pet. Those things are wonderful and necessary; however, you might also want to add a more forward-thinking, pro-active approach to the prevention of arthritis.

Two main categories to consider in dog arthritis prevention: diet and exercise and alternative dietary supplements such as glucosamine.

It is easy to think of diet and exercise as the normal, every-day routine of caring for your dog. Yes, it is true these are the basic needs for your pet's well-being for today. But it is also the easiest way to build momentum for establishing long-term health for years to come. Don't just think about feeding and walking your dog in terms of just another daily task to do, but rather as the means to keep it healthy and active for tomorrow. Proper diet can assure appropriate size and weight for your particular breed's characteristics. Maintaining a proper range of weight prevents putting unnecessary stress on bones and joints. Exercise coupled with a proper diet helps in maintaining an appropriate weight. It also helps build strong and lean muscles, develop cardiovascular health, a healthy heart, and boosts energy.

In addition to normal diet and exercise, recent studies have shown that dietary supplements such as glucosamine can help prevent and treat dog arthritis. Glucosamine is a natural amino sugar found in cartilage. Both humans and animals can use synthesized forms of glucosamine (most prominently derived from types of shellfish) to help rebuild damaged cartilage and treat arthritis.

There are several types of arthritis, which can range from acute arthritis brought on by some traumatic event to the joints or more usual, degenerative wear and tear due to old age or overuse. Whatever the cause, arthritis occurs where the joint cartilage begins to wear down and synovial fluid sacs no longer provide adequate lubrication. Glucosamine is a key component in repairing and rebuilding cartilage, improving joint function, and reduces pain.

Prevention is in the little things. Little things over a long period of time makes the difference, and when it comes to preventing future pain, soreness, and loss of activity in your dog, the little things really add up to one big thing: a happy, healthy dog.

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While there is no guaranteed dog arthritis remedy, your dog can still be comfortable and happy. Make sure your dog has the proper nutrition so your they will stay healthy and happy longer, and the proper dog supplements containing glucosamine.

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Is Dog Arthritis Preventable?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27